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What is up with Denver

The NFL is having teams with major turn out seasons. The Denver Broncos are undefeated and have played fairly good teams. The Cincinnati Bengals are doing well with only one loss to the Broncos on a miracle play by Stokely. Cincinnati and Denver i can see going atleast 9 or 10 games a piece. Denver has thei great WRs Brandon Marshall and if you still thinks so Eddie Royal. Kyle Orton has really stepped it up since he left my Chicago Bears. Cincinnati i believe has the best chance just with the fact that they have a good passing game and an amazing rushing game with Cedric Benson. Chad Ochocinco started off slow but has built his way back up and should look for a good season with Carson Palmer at 100%. The Indianapolis Colts are obviously the best team in the NFL. Reggie Wayne has played spectacular and with him drawing attention it gave Pierre Garcon to get some good yards and the Austin Collie to have an unbelievable game week 5. Peyton Manning is the most talented and consisten QB in the league and he is lucky with not just WRs but also Dallas Clark who has been the best TE in the league. The only thing that could get better is Joseph Addai. Donald Brown is stepping it up, but i just do not see last years addai. Lets see how the season turns out and these are what i believe are going to be the top 10 teams.

1. Colts
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. New Orleans
4. Cincinnati
5. Minnesota Vikings
6. Denver
7. New York Giants
8. Chicago Bears (Jay Cutler is playing really well)
9. Philadelphia Eagles
10. San Diego Chargers (even though they had a bad start)

watch the Houston Texans despite their bad start they are a very talented team. They could easily make the top 10
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The Big Rivalry

Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees

Probably the most historic rivalry in the history of sports is on this week
The next game is on tonight at 8:00 PM/ 7:00PM Central Time


It was scoreless till the Bottom of the 3rd Inning when M. Teixeira singled and Cabrera scored  1-0 Yankees

Then in the bottom of the 6th Jose Molina hit a sacrifice fly and Robinson Cano scored  2-0 Yankees

Then again in the bottom of the 7th Alex Rodriguez scores   3-0 Yankees
Not looking so good for my Red Sox

Then to top it off and seal the win Derek Jeter hit a 2 run homer so he and Jose Molina scored  5-0 Yankees

:( and that is how the NY Yankees won

Red Sox had 2 hits against both Yankee pitchers

CC Sabathia had 9 strike outs in the game

Get them tonight Red Sox

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Drugs in the NBA

Does the NBA really care about steroid usage? Or more importantly should they? Is the punishment in the NBA fair for drug usage? My answers are: A little; they should but not as there main focus; yes the punishment is fair.

Rashard Lewis tested positive for the use of DHEA and they gave him a ten game ban. In the MLB Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids and got a fifty game suspension. The only thing is that it sounds kind of stupid that Rashard Lewis's exuse was that he just did not read the label close enough but if thats what happened then okay. This does not change the fact that he did use drugs. A ten game suspnesion is not that bad. But lets think if this was not Rashard Lewis who did this and it was Albert Pujols. Would he have gotten as fair of a suspension as Rashard Lewis or a fifty game suspension like Manny Ramirez? I think the NBA is looser with their drug policy just by the fact that is not as helpful as it would be in MLB or the NFL. I mean in the NBA anyone can shoot a full court shot and reach the basket. It might and most likely will not go in but they still have the strength to shoot the ball that far. The only reason it might help is with your vert, but even with steroids you would not be able to jump over the defender for a dunk in a regular play. I think steroids are absolutley pointless in the NBA i mean they make you stronger, but in the NBA it is more based on coordination and form. If you think this is wrong and steroids are help an equal amount in all sports say so. Rashard Lewis probably could not name 5 good reasons for taking the drug or 2 ways it would help him in the NBA.

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